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Please note that gif uploads will take some time. Please be patient.

Title: Pick a descriptive title for your image, namely, if someone asked you to sum up your submission in one sentence, write that down. The title of your image is the most important to finding correct search results, so make it descriptive.

Description: Tell us more about what's happening in the image, if the title and tags do not cover it. If your image contains any text, please put it in the description in quotes, so that the site search can find it.

File: Select the largest size you can of the image you wish to submit. Make sure it's not a thumbnail. The preview above shows the image at its full size, so if it's tiny up there, the rest of us will be getting it tiny too.

Tags: Tags are the most important place to describe your submission. They are used to generate the "similar images" items, and help people to browse images they like on the site. Some things to try to include are:

  • The name of the animation.
  • Nicknames for the animation.
  • The characters the submission contains.
  • The ship the submission contains, in the format Name X Name, with the names in alphabetical order.
  • If you don't know the character(s) name(s), put their hair colour(s) to help people find them anyway.
And remember these things:
  • Use neutral forms of verbs. For example, instead of "sleeping" use sleep, instead of "pushed" use push. The exception to this is transative verbs, for example Holding Hands is the name of an activity and should be tagged as such.
  • Do not use plurals, except for things that always come in multiples. For example, "Girls With Guns" should be Girl With Gun and "Catgirls" should be Catgirl, while Bunny Ears should remain Bunny Ears.
  • Tag items you do not know the source of as What Anime?.
  • Tag items you do not know the characters in as Unknown Characters.
  • If you do not know any of these things, tag it as Tag Me.

Source: Give a URL to where your submission comes from. If you enter a number in this field, Pixiv will be assumed, and the artist and URL will be automatimagically filled in.

Artist: Write the name of the artist exactly in this field. Submissions by the same artist will be linked together. If a number is entered, pixiv will be assumed and the author's name will automagically be filled in. Entering both the source id and artist id is redundant on pixiv links.