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Wiki/Advanced Search

Our search engine supports advanced search syntax.

Multiple Queries

You can combine multiple searches into one with the following syntax Sakura Trick | YuruYuri This will search for both Sakura Trick and YuruYuri and return the results of both in no particlar order.

Influencing Rank

You can include a keyword in your search which, if present, should make the image appear higher, but if not, the result will still appear. Sakura Trick MAYBE Kiss will return all results for Sakura Trick, and from the results, will show those in which kissing is happening above those in which it is not.

Ignore Keywords

You can specify keywords, which, if present, will cause an item to be excluded from search results like this Haruka !Yuu or this Haruka -Yuu There are no differences between the two, so use whichever you prefer. Using these will, in this example, return all images in which Haruka appears but where Yuu does not.

Exact match

Searching for ass returns also results for "glasses". To search for a word exactly, you can use the operator =ass to get exact matches only.

By default, our search engine uses a technique called Word Stemming to return results for words that are derivatives of your keywords. For example, a search for pushing includes results for the word push. Using this syntax, =push, you can disable this behaviour for that individual word.

Phrase Matching

Searching for Sakura Trick will return results that contain the word "Sakura" anywhere within them, and the word "Trick" anywhere else. To stop this from occuring, wrap the phrase in quotes "Sakura Trick" and search will return results that include the word "Sakura" followed immediately by the word "Trick".

Specify Fields

By default, a search will examine all the information about an image. You can restrict your search to only matching certain pieces of image information.
@Title cute returns all images which contain "cute" in their title.
@Description cute returns all images which contain "cute" in their description.
@Tags cute returns all images tagged with tags that contain the word "cute".
These can be combined, and integrated with the other syntax. For example, @Title !Yuu @Description Cute @Tags "Shinobu" will return results which do not contain the word Yuu in the title, contain the word cute in the description, and are tagged with a tag that includes the exact phrase "Shinobu".

Conversely, you can exclude fields from being searched using the syntax @!Title cute which will return all images which have "cute" in their description or tags. This too can be combined with the other additional syntax.

Advanced Example

These options can be combined in any way imaginable. Here are some examples.
Haruka !Yuu @Tags ="Sakura Trick" !Het will return results where the word Haruka appears anywhere, but the word Yuu does not, where the image is tagged with the exact phrase "Sakura Trick" but not tagged with any tag that contains the letters "Het".