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Webp is a new image format created by Google. It is about 25% smaller than the ubiquitous JPG format, and about 30% smaller than transparent PNG files. Where it really shines, though, is that it is at least half if not 40% of the size of GIF animations. The downside is, however, that it is not supported by all browsers.

Yuri Please will automatically serve webp images to browsers that support it. These include the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, the standard Android browser, and Chrome for Android. If you're not using one of these browsers to access Yuri Please, it's likely your browsing experience will be bulkier and slower than it could be.

Q: B-but, Senpai, when I right click and save an image, it downloads in this weird format!

A: Click the "Download" link in the sidebar next to the image's size information. Baka! It's not like I put that button there for y-you to use or anything! I just had it s-sitting around, ok?